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Property Reference List

Steve Graham
Syber Enterprises, LLC.

Randy Gale
Modern Mansion

Ingrid Blaauw
Hancock Park, 1920’s Estate

Ann Combs
Hancock Park, 1920’s Estate

Jeff Miller
Chateau Chamont Apartments

Walter Feinblum
Hancock Park, 1920’s estate

Hala Bahmet-Odegaard
1920’s Hollywood Bungalow

Alan Tekerlek
Americana Estate

Randy Simon
1950’s Beverly Hills Estate

Joan Hillard
1950’s South Pasadena House

Butterfield Trails, LLC. contact: Brin
1920’s Closed Warehouse


Craig Van Gundy, Location Manager – TV & Feature Films – 818-404-7880
Mike Haro, Location Manager – TV & Features Films – 310-995-8888
Gil Evans, Location Manager – TV Commercials – 323-854-7480
John Rizzi, Location Manager – TV Commercials – 310-729-3368