Tips for using our site:


First If you don’t have a log in we will send you one, please save it for our website. If you are
working over the weekend please call 323-828-1777 and if no answer, leave your first and last name
with correct spelling..The USER name will be your last name and the PW will be your first name. All
entries are LOWER CASE


You can search by Location Library, and/or City, and/or Feature, and/or Feature w Sub Categories,.  You can also search by just one or any combination of those for search possibilities..

Again, you can just search by one category or combine them

All search categories lists are in Alpha Order


Location Library:  By Type from Airport to Yoga Studio/some have Sub Categories

For Example: Under House there is Americana, Colonial, Cape Cod, etc. Under Mansions there is:  Mansion New, Mansion Classic, Mansion Eighties, Mansion Modern, etc. 

Features:  Under features you will find singular things like Sunroom, Tennis Court, Basketball Court 

Features w Sub Categories:  Under Features w Sub Categories, you will find options w more description.  For example, under View you will find View: House, Deck or Roof View with sub cats: (valley view, city view, mountain view etc.)  you can search by one or an unlimited amount.  Example: View House/City View and View House/ Valley View  will bring up a view from any house that has these TWO types of views (there are other types of view).  Example 2:  View Deck/City View and View Deck/Valley View will bring up a view from a deck that has these TWO types of views .

EXAMPLE SEARCH:   Location Library: Mansion Classic Mediterranean with Features w Sub Category: View House/City 

EXAMPLE SEARCH:   Features:  Tennis Court

EXAMPLE SEARCH :   Location Library:  Mansion Modern with Features: Tennis Court

EXAMPLE SEARCH:   Location Library:  Mansion New Brick and Stone with Features: Tennis Court or Basketball Court

EXAMPLE SEARCH:   Features:  Sunroom

EXAMPLE SEARCH:  Features w Sub Category: View Deck/City View and View Deck/Valley View will bring up everything that has these TWO types of views.


You can download whatever file you want directly or by creating/naming a list in My List.  You may want to make and save a list for a  particular commercial for instance.  You can delete the lists or save them as you please (that’s why we have the log in ).

High Res or Low Res:  we do not have High Res for every file, so if we do not have High Res, the site will download Web Size..just click on High Res or Website Res when downloading.

Please call or email us with any questions at [email protected]  or 323-469-9941.